Venue: Yayoi Auditorium, The University of Tokyo
Date: Saturday April 19th, 2014
Time: 9.15am - 5pm


The first Symposium on Biomechanics of Human Movement aims to bring together researchers and industry working on algorithms and foundations of human movement biomechanics and neuromechanics, whole-body kinematic and dynamic modeling, and robotics-based synthesis and analysis of human motion - with applications:

Physical therapy
Humanoid robotics
Entertainment robotics
Computer animation
Sports medicine
Workspace ergonomics

The full-day program will feature keynotes from leaders in robotics and biomechanics researchers, invited speakers, and demonstrations.  



Emel Demircan (The University of Tokyo) and Gentiane Venture (TUAT)

Local Arrangements:

Akihiko Murai and Emel Demircan (The University of Tokyo)


The focus of the symposium is on the modeling, analysis, control, and simulation of human movement from both
theoretical and practical perspectives. The topics of interests are very broad including:

Natural motion generation in humanoid robotics
Human multi-body dynamics modeling
Musculoskeletal dynamics, simulation, and control
Motion reconstruction techniques
Human motion analysis and synthesis
Motion segmentation
Computer animation and graphics
Motion Recognition
Neuromuscular control
Robotics-based motion synthesis
Novel therapies for neurological disorders
Design and simulation of assistive devices