The full-day program will feature keynotes from leaders in robotics and biomechanics researchers, invited speakers, and demonstrations.  


9.15am Welcome
9.25-12.10pm Morning Session
12.10-13.10pm Lunch Break
13.10-14.50pm Afternoon Session 1
14.50-15.20pm Break
15.20-17.30pm Afternoon Session 2
17.35pm Closing Remarks

Detailed Program:

Welcome (9.15am)
Morning Session

Keynote Speech (9.25-10.25am)
Professor Yasuo Kuniyoshi, The University of Tokyo

Time Presenter Affiliation Talk Title
10.30-11am Emel Demircan The University of Tokyo Robotics-based Synthesis of Human Movement
11.05-11.35am Gentiane Venture TUAT Personalizing Human Body Dynamics Analysis
11.40-12.10pm Shingo Shimoda RIKEN Brain Science Institute Muscle Synergy to Create the Optimal Behaviors

Lunch Break (12.10-13.10pm)

Afternoon Session 1
Time Presenter Affiliation Talk Title
13.10-13.40pm Akihiko Murai The University of Tokyo Musculoskeletal Model and Real-time Computation for Biofeedback Training
13.40-14.15pm Noritaka Kawashima National Rehabilitation Center Induction of Embodiment of a Prosthesis into Body
14.20-14.50pm Ganesh Gowrishankar CNRS-AIST JRL From watching to understanding : how humans predict consequences of observed movement kinematics

Break (14.50-15.20pm)

Afternoon Session 2

Keynote Speech (15.20-16.20pm)
Professor Oussama Khatib, Stanford University
"Living with Robots"

Time Presenter Affiliation Talk Title
16.25-16.55pm Hideki Kadone Tsukuba University Coordination in Human Locomotion: from Top-down Control to Assistive Robotics
17.00-17.30pm Yoshihiko Nakamura The University of Tokyo High Dimensional Model of Human
Closing Remarks