Robot Brain Project CREST Development of Brain-Informatics Machines through Dynamical Connection of Autonomous Motion Primitives
Robot Brain Project


Nakamura Group
Name Affiliation: Graduate School of Information
Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
Y. Nakamura Professor 1998.10-2003.11
Z. Shiller Professor, Academic College of J & S, Israel 1998.10-2003.11
M. Inaba Professor 1998.10-2002.3
M. Okada Lecturer 2000.4-2003.11
Q. Huang CREST Researcher 1999.11-2000.11
T. Inamura Lecturer 2000.4-2003.11
A. Sekiguchi Research Associate, Hirosaki University 1998.12-2003.11
K. Yamane Research Associate 1998.12-2003.11
M. Otake Specially Appointed Faculty Researcher 2003.4-2003.11
K. Hajiri Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University 2001.10-2003.11
A. Goji CREST Officer 1999.10-2003.9
A. Hosokawa CREST Officer 2003.8-2003.11
I. Mizuuchi Doctoral Student 1998.12-2001.3
Y. Hoshino Doctoral Student 1998.12-2001.3
F. Kanehiro Doctoral Student 1999.11-2000.3
K. Okada Doctoral Student 2000.4-2001.3
K. Tatani Doctoral Student 2001.4-2003.11
T. Sugihara Doctoral Student 2001.4-2003.11
K. Kurihara Doctoral Student 2000.4-2002.9
H. Ezaki Mater Course Student 1999.4-2000.3
S. Hoshino Mater Course Student 2000.4-2001.3
I. Toshima Mater Course Student 1999.4-2002.3
S. Ban Mater Course Student 1999.4-2002.3
T. Shinohara Mater Course Student 2000.4-2003.3
I. Suzuki Mater Course Student 2000.4-2003.3
V. Penasse Mater Course Student 2000.10-2003.11
P. Pitakwatchara Mater Course Student 2001.4-2001.12
H. Kadone Mater Course Student 2001.4-2003.11
D. Nakamura Mater Course Student 2001.4-2003.11
N. Hibara Mater Course Student 2002.4-2003.11
Y. Fujita Mater Course Student 2001.4-2003.11
L. Pongsak Mater Course Student 2002.4-2003.11
M. Tange Undergraduate Student 2001.4-2002.3
H. Tanie Mater Course Student 2002.4-2003.11
H. Mizukawa Mater Course Student 2002.4-2003.11
Y. Yamamoto Mater Course Student 2002.4-2003.11
H. Kajiyama Undergraduate Student 2002.4-2003.3
S. Kanzaki Undergraduate Student 2002.4-2003.3
K. Goshi Undergraduate Student 2002.4-2003.3
T. Yasunaga Undergraduate Student 2002.4-2003.3
Y. Iwaki Undergraduate Student 2003.4-2003.11
K. Osato Undergraduate Student 2003.4-2003.11
T. Kuroda Undergraduate Student 2003.4-2003.11
M. Nakano Undergraduate Student 2003.4-2003.11
Asada Group
Name Affiliation: Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University
M. Asada Professor, Handai FRC 1998.12-2003.11
K. Hosoda Associate Professor, Handai FRC 1999.4-2003.11
Y. Takahashi Research Associate, Handai FRC 1999.4-2003.11
N. Mitsunaga Research Associate, Handai FRC 2000.4-2003.11
M. Ogino Researcher 2002.4-2003.3
Y. Yoshikawa Doctoral Student 2002.4-2003.3
Tsuchiya Group
Name Affiliation: Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto University
K. Tsuchiya Professor 1998.12-2003.11
K. Tsujita Research Associate 1998.12-2003.11
T. Asaoka ASTEM Research Institute 1998.12-2000.3
A. Onat Research Associate 2000.4-2001.3
T. Urakubo Doctoral Student 1998.12-2003.3
T. Nishiyama Doctoral Student 1998.12-2002.3
S. Aoi Doctoral Student 2001.4-2003.11
M. Kawakami Mater Course Student 2001.4-2003.3
Ushio Group
Name Affiliation: Graduate School of Engineering Science
Osaka University
T. Ushio Professor 1998.12-2003.11
S. Yamamoto Associate Professor 1998.12-2003.11
K. Kobayashi Associate Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology 1999.4-2003.11
S. Takai Associate Professor, Wakayama University 2001.4-2003.11
Karl F. MacDorman Lecturer 1998.12-2000.6
H. Takahashi Mater Course Student 2000.4-2003.11
A. Nakatani Mater Course Student 2000.4-2003.11
M. Adachi Mater Course Student 2002.4-2003.11
K. Inoue Undergraduate Student 1999.4-2000.3
Yoshizawa Group
Name Affiliation: School of Engineering
Saitama University
S. Yoshizawa Professor 1999.4-2003.11
H. Mizoguchi Professor, Science University of Tokyo(SUT) 1998.12-2003.11
H. Watanabe Research Associate 2000.4-2003.11
K. Hiraoka Research Associate 1999.4-2003.11
Y. Goto Mater Course Student 1999.4-2000.3
K. Hidai Mater Course Student 1999.4-2001.3
T. Muraoka Mater Course Student 1999.4-2001.3
T. Takahashi Mater Course Student 1999.4-2001.3
K. Okabe Mater Course Student 2002.4-2003.11
D. Maruyama Mater Course Student, SUT 2003.4-2003.11
M. Hiramoto Undergraduate Student, SUT 2002.10-2003.3
Sasaki Group
Name Affiliation: Graduate School of Education
University of Tokyo
M. Sasaki Professor 1998.12-2003.11
E. Miyamoto Research Associate, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies 1998.4-2001.3
M. Goan Doctoral Student 1998.12-2000.3
T. Koike Doctoral Student 1998.12-2002.3
A. Takahashi Doctoral Student 1998.12-2003.11
K. Hayashi Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies 2000.4-2003.11
Arai Group
Name Affiliation: Intelligent Systems Institute, National
Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
H. Arai Group Leader 1998.12-2002.3
H. Hirukawa Group Leader 1998.12-2002.3
K. Fujiwara Researcher 2000.4-2002.3
H. Oyama Researcher 2001.4-2002.3
K. Yokoi Senior Researcher 2000.4-2002.3
K. Kaneko Senior Researcher 2000.4-2002.3
S. Kajita Senior Researcher 2000.4-2002.3
Nakamura Group
Asada Group
Tsuchiya Group
Ushio Group
Yoshizawa Group
Sasaki Group
Arai Group