Field Robotics

Professor Fukao reseaches field robotics related on autonomous driving of passenger cars, trucks, and agricultural vehicles/ autonomous harvesting of fruits and tomatoes/autonomous flight of drones and blimps/ autonomous mobile robots.

Autonomous Driving

Various kind of autonomous cars and trucks have been researched, such as autonomous parking, autonomous avoidance system with two in-wheel motors, four truck platooning, and robust driving on snowy road.

Autonomous Driving (old) 自動運転 自動駐車 自動回避 隊列走行

The current research is autonomous small truck in rural area where the road edge is not clear and there are many difficulties.

Autonomous Driving (current) 軽トラ自動運転 農道自動運転

Autonomous Harvesting of Cabbages

Autonomous harvesting of cabbages consists of cabbage detection by using deep learning and depth camera.

Autonomous Harvesting of Cabbage キャベツ自動収穫 AI認識 ディープラーニング デプスカメラ (RealSense) AIプロ スマート農業 深尾 隆則

Autonomous exchange of cabbage containers and autonomous driving of a container carrier save labor time.

Autonomous Harvesting of Cabbage コンテナ自動交換 コンテナ自動運搬車

Autonomous Harvesting of Onions

Autonomous harvesting of onions consists of onions detection by using semantic segmentation and depth camera. The harvester and parallelly driving tractor with a trailer equip with accurate RTK-GNSS/Compass.

Autonomous Harvesting of Onions タマネギ自動収穫 セマンティックセグメンテーション デプスカメラ (RealSense)

Autonomous Forklift

Autonomous forklift consists of container detection by using deep learning and LiDAR. It also uses position estimate by RTK-GNSS/Compass in the open air and LiDAR SLAM not in the open.

Autonomous Forklift 自動フォークリフト ロボットフォークリフト LiDAR (Velodyne)

Autonomous Orchard Vehicle

The position and yaw angle estimation is performed by stem detection by using deep learning and LiDAR. Based on the estimated values, an autonomous vehicle drives autonomously with a mower in orchard.

Autonomous Orchard Vehicle 果樹園自動走行車 ゴルフカート 草刈り ディープラーニング LiDAR AIプロ

Autonomous Fruit Harvesting Robot

A fruit harvesting robot with two arms consists of fruit detection by using deep learning and depth cameras to measure the distance between robot hand and the target fruit. This robot is carried by autonomous orchard vehicle. Current target fruits are apple and pear.

Autonomous Fruit Harvesting Robot 果実収穫ロボット 2アーム ディープラーニング デプスカメラ (RealSense)